Mushroom Compost

It all starts with composting...

At Farmers’ Fresh we take every step of the growing process seriously and that begins with making the compost used to grow our mushrooms. Our compost is made indoors using state-of-the-art technology from the Netherlands to ensure the best quality and minimal odour, while also achieving the highest environmental standards.

Process PH1 and PH2

Dunking System

The loader pick up bales and dunk them in the dunking pit for 5 minutes/2 bales at the time.

After dunking, the bales were placed on the pavement and will be sitting for 2 days.

Mixing drum added to the process

LEFT: The chicken hopper RIGHT: A belt that brings the chicken manure on top of the compost conveyor

The compost is dropped by the loader. The compost and the chicken manure goes through the new additon: the mixing drum. This enables a better homogenous mix, thus a better consistent production.

The incline conveyors that go all the way on top of the bunkers

After going through the mixing drum, the compost follows the conveyors, all the way to the top of the bunker and finally falls on the overhead fillter that fills the bunker evenly

The overhead filler fills the bunker. After the compost is in the bunker for 17 days and flipped every 3 days, the compost is ready for the tunnels PH2

Loading the tunnel with stacks

loading the tunnel

Unloading the tunnels into trucks