Slicing / Packaging Mushrooms

Once the mushrooms are harvested, they are shipped to our distribution centre where they are graded for size and quality. All bulk orders are then re-inspected by our warehouse and quality control team and packed per our customer's specifications. To avoid bruising, the only time the mushrooms are touched by our workers is at the picking stage.

After inspection at the warehouse, mushrooms that require slicing are taken to our state-of-the-art slicer and cut into the specified thickness. We then run the product through a metal detector to ensure that no metal fragments from the slicer are attached to the mushrooms. The product is then either packed directly into the master shipping carton or into small packages which are sold to the end consumer by the grocery store. Once the products are packed, they are put through a "blast" chiller to reach an ideal temperature of 34-46 degrees before shipping. Because mushrooms are made up of 95% water, maintaining the proper temperature maximizes shelf life and quality.

To ensure that our mushrooms are completely safe for consumption, every step of our production is meticulously clean and safe. We sterilize our barns after each harvest and all of our workers are equipped with sanitized clothing, hair nets and rubber gloves.